Hosted by Fort Lewis College ~ Durango, CO
42nd Annual School Session
June 10-18, 2016

WSSB’s program is a great value and really boosted one my employee’s confidence and understanding
that he knew more than he thought he did. Sending employees to banking school shows appreciation
for their efforts, makes them feel valued, and infuses them with cutting-edge information.
John Sneed, President ~ FMS Bank, Fort Morgan, CO

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Apply Today!

Fort Lewis College at nightWSSB is now accepting applications for the 2016 session. There are only 40 spots available in the upcoming Freshmen Class (graduating in 2017) so be sure to register early!

Your best move to step up the career ladder in community banking is to attend the Western States School of Banking, a unique bachelor level, two-year banking school designed to advance your professional education while maintaining employment.

Intersession projects facilitate experiential learning throughout the year between two eight-day sessions held on campus. We are an intensive, immersion experience that explores cutting-edge industry topics, including eight in-depth bank simulation exercises in the Senior year utilizing ABA’s BankExec. The on-campus experience creates a professional network for future contacts which lasts a lifetime and provides valuable industry connections and friends.

For the first time in WSSB history, the 2016 campus sessions are hosted by the notable School of Business Administration at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

During classroom sessions and off-campus intersession projects, WSSB’s industry renowned national faculty present cutting-edge topics with upper-management perspectives.

Freshmen Curriculum

Senior Curriculum
The Senior, second year, on-campus curriculum is highlighted by an exciting bank simulation exercise (ABA’s BankExec), which provides banking teams several opportunities to see simulated outcomes from their financial decisions. Taking numerous variables into account, reports convey how each team’s strategies affect their shareholders. Teams present their findings on the final day of classes to all WSSB students as well as attending WSSB Board members. This exciting presentation furthers a shared involvement in the fascinating insights revealed to the students in their simulations.

In addition to the Bank Simulation Class, the Senior year curriculum includes:

Intersession Projects
Individual intersession projects are worked on between campus sessions which allow students to receive instruction and learn throughout the year on the following topics:

Join us in June 2016 on the spectacular Fort Lewis College campus in Durango, Colorado, for Bank School through the Western States School of Banking. We look forward to seeing you there!