ABA BankExec Simulation – Introduction
Freshman Class

Freshmen will receive an introduction to the BankSimTM class they will take as seniors, which begins with the Bank Simulation Presentation they will see on the last day of classes. This introductory class will also discuss the materials which will be sent to them prior to next summer session. Charles Ewing will provide suggestions about students can maximize learning outcomes in the coming Bank Simulation class.

ABA BankExec Simulation Class
Senior Class

Play a decision making role as a member of the management team of a simulated, currently operating bank. Students will learn to apply principles of financial analysis, including sources and uses of funds, profitability and balance sheet forecasting, price and interest rate sensitivity, and management of product demand.

Students will also enhance their presentation skills by working as teams to present conclusions on the economic and financial impact of their BankSim decisions. A professional synopsis of the financial expertise gained will be presented to the school and attending Board members on the last day of school.

As preparation for the online platform used by this class, seniors are sent a pre-session exercise three weeks before they attend school so they can familiarize themselves with how to navigate the tabs and output of this cutting-edge software.

ABA BankExec Simulation – All School Presentation

On Friday, the last day of school, the Senior class will present its team bank conclusions which are based on a week of in-depth simulation exercises. All students, as well as attending WSSB Board members, will attend the presentations. This session is an exciting learning experience and finale to WSSB’s banking school. Senior team banks compete over eight financial quarters of simulation exercises and then create a presentation that synopsizes their outcomes.

Charles B. Ewing

Charles Ewing, Director of Wholesale Portfolio Management Charles Ewing has been an instructor of the Bank Simulation course at the Western States School of Banking since 1981. He was the top graduate of the WSSB class of 1980.

A banking professional for over forty years, Charles was most recently the Senior Vice President and Director of  Wholesale Portfolio Management & Credit Risk Monitoring for a $100 billion bank. Charles received his MBA from Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business, and his BBA, with a concentration in finance, from the University of New Mexico, Anderson Schools of Management.