Credit Risk Management
Freshman Class

For most financial institutions the credit portfolio will be the primary source of revenue generation—and potentially the source of major losses. This eleven-hour course will introduce the student to the role of commercial credit; an approach for managing the credit risk; and an overview of the commercial credit decision making process. Commercial credit issues focus on the activities and actions associated with the commercial loan decision-making process. The class starts with a discussion of the role of banking/credit in the marketplace. Freshmen learn the tools and approaches used when making a commercial loan decision including the request, the gathering and analysis of information, loan structuring, and monitoring.

Credit Risk Management
Intersession Project

The WSSB experience is intended to provide the student with an overview of key issues related to the management of a bank. Management of the bank is about preparing for the future and making decisions today to enhance that future performance. For banks the major source of income—and risk—is the credit portfolio.

Credit Risk Management intersession project is intended to provide the student with an opportunity to understand the credit risks being taken by their institution and the impact on financial performance, now and into the future. In the project students will present information regarding the credit performance of their banks over the past three years and provide a detailed explanation of those results. Next, students will develop a plan for the credit performance of their banks over the next three years and explain their rationale for the responses. Finally, students will take a manager’s look at their banks’ future and make recommendations regarding actions to be taken today to enhance the results desired in the future.

Banking Ethics
Senior Class

This interactive class will provide an opportunity to study and discuss “ethics” from the perspective of the students’ real life experiences, with facilitation from Jeff’s extensive experience in the banking industry. The class will be dynamic and energetic, especially considering more recent challenges to ethical considerations and regulations in the past few years. You will learn a lot from one another. Come prepared to engage and be engaged. 

Jeff Judy
Principal, Jeff Judy & Associates

Jeff JudyJeff Judy’s booming voice and unique instructional style have been enjoyed in classrooms and auditoriums across the globe. Jeff is in demand among individual banks and credit unions, bank holding companies, state and national trade associations, and many major banking schools. His practical, down-to-earth approach consistently earns high ratings from participants in his seminars and workshops. Jeff also educates audiences through his frequent interviews and articles in trade journals and more general financial media, as well as through his own biweekly e-newsletter, “Jeff’s Thoughts”. Go to for more information.