Sales, Service, and Marketing I
Freshman Class

This class will explore the practical aspects of marketing and selling in your bank, review the basics of marketing, define your bank’s image and market position, identify your customers, evaluate your competition, and show how to develop a marketing plan that is both cost-effective and successful. Current marketing trends will be reviewed, as well as the dynamic responsibility that every member of one’s bank has to market their bank, both on-the-job and while serving in the community.

Sales, Service, and Marketing II
Senior Class

This one-hour session will spotlight the best marketing strategies designed by students in their Marketing Plan Intersession Project, completed before attending the final campus school session. The Intersession Project Marketing Plans were required to specify theory and knowledge that is learned in the Freshman classes and then apply them to each organization’s marketing demographics and current challenges. This interactive session will provide the key take-aways produced for and by the WSSB graduating class.

Intersession Project: Dynamic Marketing

During this Intersession Project, students will go over the basics, show examples from other banks, and discuss management of technology while exploring how to integrate aspects of marketing plans, the retail delivery method, and the role of sales in their organizations. A 12-month mini-sales, service, and marketing plan will be designed which results in a usable marketing plan for a specific situation their banks are being challenged. The goal will be to have a plan with a budget that includes specific accountability for the strategies and allow students to put concepts/ideas into real-life action.

Jay Toups

Jay ToupsFor more than 30 years, Jay Toups has established a proven track record of success in developing strong, client-driven sales cultures. This has been demonstrated throughout his career in sales and sales management. His experiences span a breadth of roles and accomplishments in the financial services industry, from a small savings and loan in Louisiana to medium and larger community and national banks. Additionally, his time spent in the corporate computer sales industry gives him a unique ability to identify and build client strategies in a very competitive environment. Jay has also been teaching at the prestigious Barret School of Banking for the past seven years and is delighted to join the Western States School of Banking’s team of world-class, national instructors.