Team Building and Leadership
Senior Class

This course will be an interactive course that blends the strategies of team building and leadership for more effective management in banking organizations. Team building exercises will allow participants to further refine their knowledge and skills in relating to others, while allocating and motivating human resources to accomplish banking goals. We will explore the most current team-building theories and provide in-class opportunities to practice skills that are applicable to the simplest and most complex banking projects.

Focus on leadership in class will include a discussion about the Three Pillars of Leadership and Supervision. Students develop a personal action plan that can be implemented immediately upon return to their banking centers. These individual plans will be recorded, and if diligently practiced, students will learn to become the kind of banking leaders  their colleagues will choose to follow.

Bret Moody

Bret Moody, President and Managing Officer of First American Bank in Hobbs, New MexicoBret is the President and Managing Officer of First American Bank in Hobbs, New Mexico. He started in banking in 1996 and his first management position was in January 1998. He started commercial lending in 2001, and draws on extensive business management experience to teach his students with insights gained from years of careful analysis. He has a BS degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA from New Mexico State University. He is on his bank’s Executive Management Team, which creates company-wide action plans and strategies, and executes them. He himself manages a large loan portfolio, leads and trains a group of 21 employees, and volunteers his time for nonprofit and community Boards of Directors. He loves sports, and is known to coach soccer and tennis on occasion.