Intersession Banking School Project

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Project Overview and Discussion

First National Bank employees at WSSB banquetThe Western States School of Banking (WSSB) curriculum is designed to increase awareness and competency of key banking management skills. The Intersession Project provides students with the opportunity to integrate WSSB’s curriculum into a strategic overview of their specific financial institutions. It requires application of classroom learning to a student’s institutional information in formulating better comprehension of future financial outcomes.

The students’ initial task is to gather information about their organizations’ marketplaces (internal and external), current activities, and organizational goals. Using this information (MIE), research papers with projects for future financial performance, credit risk issues, and dynamic marketing plans are created.

The desired outcome of the Intersession Project is for students to view their organization from the viewpoint of a senior manager who is responsible for developing an annual financial strategy for the bank. Learning objectives for this Project, specifically, are to:

  • Apply knowledge learned in class to a real-world situation.
  • Learn more about the competitive environment and his or her bank’s overall strategies.
  • Identify and report the key elements of her or his bank’s system for managing credit risk.
  • Assess how credit quality affects his or her bank’s financial performance.
  • Analyze the sources of profit and risk and develop expected performance projections.
  • Evaluate the components of her or his bank’s non-interest income and its impact on future financial outcomes.
  • Research and develop an assessment of asset liability management on institutional performance.
  • Develop a plan of action for his or her institution for the next one to three years, using a strategic management approach.