Why attend the Western States School of Banking?

Western States School of Banking classAttending WSSB is an opportunity to look into bank management, views, and processes. We experienced networking with business professionals from a variety of locales and saw a broader perspective of the market. After my first year, I was so enthused when I went back to work that the experience propelled me to work harder and smarter—resulting in a huge promotion.”

Ernesto Ortiz, AVP/Branch Manager
Los Alamos National Bank, NM

WSSB’s bachelor-level, two year banking school is the perfect choice for taking your best and brightest to the 30,000 foot level of banking management.
Data clearly indicates that retention is much less expensive than recruitment, so once you’ve identified a valuable employee it’s important to invest in him or her. An enrollment in WSSB sends a strong message about how much you value an individual’s work ethic and potential. In addition, loyalty is cultivated by providing opportunities to grow by attending banking school, and WSSB is one of the best investments you will make to strengthen your talented employee within the organization.

Our intensive two year banking school Certificate program enhances an employee’s ability to know not just how, but more importantly… why a bank has to operate as a team of alert strategists, rather than just customer service representatives.

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WSSB Outcomes

  • Develop strategies to meet the challenges within your institution.
  • View bank management processes from a holistic business perspective.
  • Develop analytical, management, and leadership skills for real world application.
  • Create a network of regional, career long friendships with business colleagues.
  • Share broad perspectives on the market with expert national faculty and peers.
  • Gain inspiration to serve your bank by working harder and smarter.
  • Receive comprehensive, cutting-edge materials for future reference.

 WSSB Faculty, Lectures, and Coursework

  • Determine key factors that drive overall profitability.
  • Analyze decision making processes to increase profitability and sound operation.
  • Strengthen confidence in current role and ‘response-ability’ for effective leadership.
  • Develop clear financial service communications for key stakeholders.
  • Target strategies for growth and retention of new deposits.
  • Identify current industry challenges and transform them into opportunities.